Past Work

Vid Summit

VidSummit is where the world's top video influencers, marketers, and brands reveal everything they know about turning videos into sales.

Vidsumit logo
Vidsumit logo

Solution Provided:

  • 3 Camera Recording Mixed Live

  • Ready Next Day For Delivery To Attendees

  • Available For Purchase To Those Who Could Not Attend Live

  • Picture in Picture With Speaker's Presentation Materials

Igenomix Expo Booth

Igenomix offers pioneering tests to help reproductive health professionals diagnose and treat their patients.

Igenomix part of Vitrolife Group Logo
Igenomix part of Vitrolife Group Logo

Solution Provided:

  • 1 Camera Livestream

  • Mixed With PowerPoint Presentation For Data Intensive Incorporation

  • Live on LinkedIn, Facebook, & Youtube

  • Available On Website After Event

Nx Conf

Nx Conf is a conference featuring members of the Nx team and the community. Join us as we share our ideas and expertise about monorepos and making development faster, more scalable, and more collaborative.

nxConf Logo for 2022
nxConf Logo for 2022

Solution Provided:

  • 2 Camera Recording & Livestream For Keynotes To Youtube

  • 1 Camera Technical Breakout Room To Zoom

  • Incorporation of Presenter's Laptop So Attendees Can View Live Coding & Presentation Materials

CA State Assembly | Native American Caucus Town-Halls

The Native American Caucus is a viable part of the California Democratic Party. We welcome members from all of the 58 counties in California and participate in all aspects of the California Democratic Party, including the Platform, legislation, voting on endorsement of elected officials and party officers.

Solution Provided:

  • Multi-Point Coverage For Live-streaming To Constituents and Caucus Members

  • 2-3 Camera Livestreams

  • Live Calls From Experts

  • Live Audio For In House Attendees